What Can You Do With AI?

Artificial intelligence is a broad set of software capabilities that make your software smarter. We think it's going to have as broad (and maybe broader) an impact on software as relational database technologies: It's hard to think of a company whose products or services you use today that aren't enabled by databases. Databases are inside just about every important piece of software you use each day. E.F. Codd's original research paper proposing the relational database was published in June 1970, Oracle published its first commercially available Oracle V2 database in 1979, and we've been building on top of this breakthrough for ever since. We're in the very early years of putting AI in all our software in the same way we put databases in all our software, and this trend will unfold over decades, not months or even years. AI is the new relational database, about to get into every important piece of software we write.

Applications of AI

One way to think of what AI enables to is consider what it will make cheap and thereby ubiquitous. A Harvard Business Review article titled "The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence" published in November 2016 argued that AI would make predictions cheap. Let's expand on this idea. AI will make predictions cheap, true, but it will make other things cheap as well:

To see some examples of each of these AI-powered applications, please visit our companion presentation called The Promise of AI. It's a 45-minute narrated presentation showing you what companies are doing with AI today, as well as what's right around the corner in research labs.

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Applying AI to Your Business

To get the most out of this survey, we recommend that you come up with a few concrete areas where you want to apply AI techniques. Having these in mind will ground your exploration in a concrete software product.

Here are a a few ways you can brainstorm how AI can help:

Here is a Google sheet you can use as a template.